Wednesday, May 6, 2009

What is wind energy?

Wind energy is the kinetic energy of the wind which is an alternative energy source being used for a number of purposes. The kinetic energy of the wind can be captured and converted to more useful forms like mechanical energy or electrical energy. Renewable wind energy finds use in both domestic as well as commercial applications. As a green renewable energy source, wind energy does not use any fuels and does not emit any harmful or greenhouse gases into the atmosphere and so is an environment friendly form of energy.

The amount of energy that the wind possesses depends upon the speed of the wind, the air temperature, barometric pressure and the altitude. The amount of energy possessed by wind is more at high altitudes and when the pressure is low. A high speed of the wind means that the wind possesses more energy.

The cost of renewable wind energy depends upon a lot of factors like the installation cost of wind turbines, the amount of renewable wind energy generated, maintenance required etc. Usually the installation of wind turbine is expensive. The innovations and research that is going on has resulted in the development of better technologies that reduce the installation costs of wind turbines. Also the maintenance costs for this renewable energy source are very less. This has resulted in increased use of this alternative energy source.

The use of renewable wind energy is gaining popularity all over the world because it has several environmental, social and economic advantages that allow this alternative energy source to be favorably used.

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