Thursday, April 30, 2009

Biodiesel processor

Biodiesel is usually obtained from vegetable oil that is considered to be the most economical source of producing bio diesel. The biodiesel so produced contains energy called biodiesel energy. The bio diesel energy can be used for several purposes. However, the main use of biodiesel energy is made by engines of vehicles.

Biodiesel can be produced from vegetable oil in a biodiesel processor. A biodiesel processor is a combination reaction vessel. In this a static mixer is used with esterification catalyst which is sulphuric acid. The mixer is used to mix methanol and vegetable oil. In a reactor fatty acid are esterified. In the second reactor, a process called transesterification is carried out. In the third mixer, products that are solvent in bio diesel, glycerol and methanol are obtained. A mineral acid is used in a distillation unit separate the products. Once this is done, the products left in the vaporizer are bio diesel, glycerol, salt and water. These are then passed into a decanter to separate bio diesel from other products. The biodiesel is purified in vacuum evaporators. This purified bio diesel is then used as a source to provide biodiesel energy.

The production and use of biodiesel energy is increasing in the world. The production of biodiesel at present is an expensive process but with the development of new technologies and innovations these costs can be reduced to make biodiesel energy a cost effective source of energy.

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